Catering Equipment

Professional catering equipment

If you are looking for commercial catering equipment in Birmingham, look no further than us.
At Ambigas, we supply, repair and maintain all types of catering equipment

Commercial kitchen equipment

Do you require a dishwasher or any other catering equipment installing in your restaurant? We can do it promptly and efficiently. At Ambigas, we have a team of qualified experts who can supply and install quality equipment in your business. We are able to carry out the necessary adjustments to bring commercial kitchens up to the latest safety regulations including the installation of gas interlocking systems.

We also undertake servicing, repair and maintenance. If you require repairs on any catering equipment, you can come to us. Our experts can do a thorough inspection and determine whether the equipment can be repaired or it requires a replacement. We will give you a quotation and proceed only with your approval. Also, take a look at our commercial heating and boilers
Commercial catering equipment

Our services

Our services include the following:
  • Kitchen equipment installation
  • Installation of bar and serving counter
  • Electric and gas cooking equipment
  • Servicing and maintenance of all catering equipment
  • Dishwashers and glass cleaners
  • Kitchen furniture
  • Preparation equipment
Get in touch with us for more details.
Commercial kitchen with catering equipment
For commercial catering equipment in Birmingham,
call Ambigas on:
07852 185 893
0121 533 0345
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